Guaifenesin, toothpaste without menthol, toothpaste without salicylate

Guaifenesin, toothpaste without menthol, toothpaste without salicylate

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol, Chitodent® toothpaste without salicylate.

For consumers, it is hard to tell whether a toothpaste is without salicylate.
Dental care product manufacturers are not required to list salicylic acid or methyl salicylate under aroma in the INCI (international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients).
For people on homoeopathic treatment, people diagnosed with Samter’s triad or those undergoing guaifenesin treatment for fibromyalgia, it can be very important to know whether a toothpaste contains salicylate. If you have a toothpaste without menthol, this can indicate that the toothpaste does not contain salicylate.

Chitodent® 75 ml is a toothpaste without salicylate and a toothpaste without menthol, which means it does not contain the following ingredients:
Salicylate including methyl salicylate
Essential oils

What alternative aroma can be used in a toothpaste without menthol? Is there any toothpaste without salicylate but with taste?

Chitodent® toothpaste uses one of the few formulations for a reconstituted aroma based on a pure essential oil, containing no salicylates, and mainly composed of carvone.
Essential oils are often not quite pure. Even salicylate free essential oils such as peppermint oil from a few field-harvested plants of the Mentha family (Mentha piperita) can contain small amounts of L-menthol.
Even if it had low L-menthol concentrations, the essential oil would not conform to homoeopathic standards and would not be an option for either fibromyalgia patients on guaifenesin treatment or people with Samter’s triad.
Therefore, in the formulation for Chitodent® toothpaste without salicylate and toothpaste without menthol, the oil, mainly composed of carvone, is ‘taken apart’ and put back together (reconstituted) without the problem ingredients.
Chitodent® toothpaste is a dental care, homoeopathy-compatible natural cosmetic which originated from an EUTEC research project and has been declared a toothpaste without salicylate and a toothpaste without menthol.


Chemistry: Toothpaste without menthol,
Chemistry: Toothpaste without salicylate
Chemistry: Guaifenesin

Helmuth Focken Biotechnik e.K., Hochschule-Emden-Leer, Eutec-Institut,Greentech Ostfriesland Dr.Wolfgang Lindenthal

contact person: Dr. Wolfgang Lindenthal


Carvone is a monocyclic monoterpene ketone.

There are two enantiomers
the (S)-(+)-Carvone [also called D-(+)-Carvone or (+)-Carvone for short]
the (R)-(−)-Carvone [also called L-(−)-Carvone or (−)-Carvone for short].




Menthol is a monocyclic
monoterpene alcohol

Menthol exists in two mirror-image forms:
(−)-Menthol (Levomenthol)
and (+)-Menthol.



Chitodent Zahnpasta ohne L Menthol -(-)-Menthol


In addition to menthol, three more diastereomeric pairs exist (also called menthol isomers), which have three asymmetric C atom bonds: neomenthol, isomenthol and neoisomenthol.


The natural left-handed -(-)-Menthol is present in many essential oils, especially in mint oils and is, according to Dr St Amand, to be strictly avoided while on guaifenesin treatment, as it is the strongest guaifenesin blocker.
Toothpaste without menthol is rare.
Menthol is associated with freshness and it is therefore, used in almost all toothpastes and mouthwashes, and in chewing gums, ointments and shower gels.
Menthol is mainly obtained from field mint.
Field mint (Mentha arvensis), like peppermint (Mentha piperita) contains L-menthol.

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol has no L-menthol in its reconstituted aroma

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol
has no L-menthol in its reconstituted aroma

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol, without L-menthol and without essential oils


Salicylic acid is an o-hydroxybenzoic acid and its methyl ester occurs naturally in essential oils of the leaves and flowers of many plants

Salicylic acid is also used to make dyes, perfumes and the acetylsalicylic acid.
source: Salicylic-acid-skeletal von Image: Aspirin-skeletal.svg originally by Benjah-bmm27Booyabazooka, edited by Fvasconcellos – Image:Aspirin-skeletal.svg. Lizenziert unter Gemeinfrei über Wikimedia Commons.


Aus: Wikipedia:
Acetylsalicylsäure (ASS, ASS, known under the brand name Aspirin),

Toothpaste without salicylate.
Toothpaste without menthol is already hard to buy, and it is even harder to find toothpaste without salicylate
Salicylic acid is an o-hydroxybenzoic acid and its methyl ester occurs naturally in essential oils of the plants, leaves and flowers of many plants. During guaifenesin treatment for fibromyalgia both natural and synthetic salicylates must be strictly avoided. According to Dr Paul St Amand, salicylates block the action of guaifenesin, because they block a receptor in the kidneys which the guaifenesin should lock into.
Salicylates must also be avoided if you are diagnosed with Samter’s triad.

Chitodent® is a toothpaste without salicylate.

Chitodent® is a toothpaste without salicylate. The reconstituted aroma of Chitodent® also does not contain any salicylate / methyl salicylate.




Guaifenesin. zählt zur chemischen Gruppe der Guajakolderivate
Quelle Wikipedia

Chitodent® toothpaste without menthol, toothpaste without salicylate. Carvone in the aroma
Salicylate and guaifenesin


  • There is a certain similarity:
    Salicylic acid and guaifenesin both have an aromatic ring.
    Salicylic acid has an OH group (an alcohol, phenol here) with an acid group (COOH) in the α-position.
  • Guaifenesin has two modified OH groups (ethers) in the α-position to each other on the aromatic ring. Therefore competing reactions are likely to occur between significantly smaller salicylic acid derivatives and guaifenesin at the respective receptors.
  • Like guaifenesin and salicylate, the two carvones have a six-membered ring, but this does not have double bonds and is not aromatic. Menthol, like salicylic acid and guaifenesin, also has another functional group in the α-position.
  • In carvone, the ketone group and the isoprene unit are in the β-position to each other.

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